SK activity is regulated by two governing laws. Identity Documents Act describes the functions of ID card as the primary identification document and establishes document requirement to Estonian residents. Although the law does not apply directly to the SK main activities and services, it is still associated with the ID card, which is SK key area of activity.
Digital Signatures Act describes the concept of digital signature valid in Estonia and procedures and services connected to it, including SK main operation which is issuing certificates. The law applies to ID card certificates and also to other SK certification services, which are issued in accordance with the digital signature law.
Alongside digital signature certificates SK is also issuing certificates for technical purposes such as device certificates. They do not allow to give digital signatures however the regulations and requirements such as the Certification Practice Statement still apply to them.

Digital signatures act also defines the statutory audit and insurance claim to the certification service providers.
Besides the laws concerning SK specific area of activity also apply to us all business regulating laws valid in Estonia (General Principles of the Civil Code Act, Commercial Code, Law of Property Act).
European Union has adopted a Directive 1999/93/EC "Community Framework for Electronic Signatures", which defines the requirements for digital signatures and certification service providers. The directive describes several categories of certification and digital signatures. SK activity, ID card and digital signatures given by using ID card correspond to the directive categories with the strictest requirements (advanced electronic signature, secure-signature-creation device, qualified certificate, certification-service-provider issuing qualified certificates).