The base rate number of the ID-helpline is +372 677 3377 to which the landline call minute fee applies. This number can be used both in Estonia as well as when calling from abroad or the use of the short number is limited.

ID-helpline’s short number is 1777. When calling this number, the caller pays for the call from the first minute based on the price lists of the telephone operators (as of 07.05.2018):

from Tele2 network 0,23 €/min;
from Elisa network 0,30 €/min;
from Telia network calls from mobile phones 0,2278 €/min or calls from landline phones: set-up fee 0,0312 €/call + 0,0222 €/min.

Both numbers offer 24/7 support in English, Estonian and Russian.


  • assists end users in getting familiar with and using the ID-card and Mobile-ID, e-services, and in giving electronic signatures;
  • advises end users in starting to use ID-software and in resolving the related problems. The ID-software (e.g. DigiDoc Client) is necessary for using the functionality relating to the ID-card;
  • provides information about the possibilities of use of the ID-card and Mobile-ID, including web services with the respective support;
  • gives information about interruptions in using services provided by e-service providers (if the service providers give such information) as well as of interruptions in the use of the ID-card and/or Mobile-ID;
  • provides information on activites related to the ID-card (revoking and ending the suspensioon of certificates, change of PIN and PUK codes etc.);
  • suspends ID-card, residence permit card and Digi-ID certificates (e.g. if it is suspected that the ID-card has been lost and it may be misused). One cannot electronically sign documents or make other operations in an electronic environment if the certificates have been suspended.
For suspending ID-card, residence permit card and Digi-ID certificates ID-helpline will ask for your personal data: given name and surname, date of birth or personal identification code, and the location of birth or the document number. In order for the suspension to take effect, you will have to provide at least some of the above data and the certificates will be suspended.
In the event of losing your ID-card, residence permit card or Digi-ID, make sure to notify the Police and Border Guard Board, which can invalidate the ID-card, residence permit card or Digi-ID as a physical document, if necessary.